365Gay -Where I go for my news several times a day.

Affirmations -Local LGBT community and resource center.

Alien Skin -Musician, artist and gentleman, George Pappas used his time in the group Real Life to further hone his skills before releasing phenomenal solo albums.

Dorien Grey -Fellow author whose life is as mysterious as the cases in his novels.

Doro -What can I say? Doro's rocks!

Edwin Wendler -Film composer extraordinaire and fellow soundtrack collector.

G.A. Hauser -Some authors talk about wood in their books. This dame gives you wood reading one of her books.

James Taylor Jr. - You need to keep your eye on this young man as he rises in the world of music.

Michigan Humane Society - Gotta show luv to the animals.

PFLAG -Wonderful place for someone coming out or someone who's had someone come out to find support.

Richard Band -Film composer who wrote one of my absolute favorite scores back in the 80s, "Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn!"

Ryan Wallace -Git friend and published poet…git. Did I say git? -I heard these ladies during my first trip to Hong Kong back in 1998 and I've been hooked on their music ever since.

Suzanne Wesetnhoefer -One of the few comediennes who can make me laugh.

Triangle Foundation -Terrific organization I support.