"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation"

Detroit, Michigan – Writer Kage Alan makes his literary debut welcoming you to the world of 19–year–old Andy Stevenson, where life is ruled by Murphy's Law and if something doesn't seem like it can get any worse, it generally does.

1989: The adventure begins during the summer after Andy's freshman year of college when he must accompany his grandmother on a six–day trip to California. Upon arrival, however, life becomes a series of comical faux pas with relatives who can't remember his name, where women want to charge him $10 to put suntan lotion on their bodies and where a handsome young man kisses him at an anniversary party. It's that kiss which sets off a chain reaction in Andy and forces him to reexamine what he thinks he knows, what society wants him to believe and why so many people are talking about his "assets"!

"Lord of the Loins"

College sophomore Andy Stevenson is back and so is Murphy's Law! Meeting a cute and questionably gifted poet in a Creative Writing class soon becomes the encounter from hell when Andy learns that not all gay men are sensitive, well-adjusted and looking for Mr. Right. Some of them want the booty and will stalk at nothing to get it.

Armed with his two best friends and recently resurfaced sense of sarcasm, Andy prepares to defend his fledgling relationship with the half–Asian and slightly domineering (yet oddly sweet in that playfully sadistic sort of way) Alan by doing battle with the most fearsome ho to come along since...since...all previous fearsome hos: The Lord of the Loins!

"Honor Unbound" (writing as Kristoffer Gair)

Co-authors Diane Abbott and Kristoffer Gair present the fresh and daring journey of Sarah Emma Edmonds, the first woman in American history to receive a Civil War pension. Posing as a man, she enlisted in the Civil War and served as soldier, nurse and spy for the Union army. Researched thoroughly in two countries, this book reveals the true, kindred spirit of a woman who lived and fought for what she believed in throughout her passionate and often shrouded life.