The Thrill of the Hunt and Find in the VHS Years

I’m told I have a weird memory. Why? I can remember lots of little details about people, and things they’ve said, likes, dislikes, things they’ve done, or expressions on their faces. That information seems to easily store itself in my memory for later use. I can even remember where I watched certain movies going back as far as my childhood, and tell you who I saw them with. I can often tell you where I bought or ordered a movie from in my collection. Yet, despite this, I cannot remember many directives from His Majesty or Little Brother.

Selective memory? Probably. What’s important to me isn’t always important to them, and what’s important to them isn’t always going to be important to me. To this day, my husband has trouble remembering how to spell my middle name, and still has to confirm my date-of-birth when writing it on a form. Is it any wonder I don’t always feel the need to delete something out of my mind to make room for one of his directives? Or one from Little Brother for that matter?

I was in bed a couple of nights ago, and woke up at 2a.m….again…because of jet lag. My mind wandered a bit in hopes of latching on to something that would make me drowsy, and it suddenly remembered I used to have over 800 VHS tapes in my collection. Talk about a pain in the ass to try and store when I was younger! But, I always had something to watch, plus I was a film major in college. It therefore made my collection…um…research.

My folks bought the first family VCR back in 1982, and unveiled it Christmas Eve night. The very first movie I ever watched on it was Megaforce, which I’d missed seeing in a theater 6 months prior. And Christmas morning? Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This was back when video stores were gold mines! When renters could be disappointed to discover the only copy left of a title they wanted to rent was in Beta, not VHS. And when you were still charged full price to rent a cassette of three music videos from a singer that amounted to less than 15 minutes.

Film/TV studios weren’t entirely happy about VHS players. Why? Because they could also record. It was going to be the downfall of the industry if people could record their favorite TV show and watch/re-watch it later. I’m pretty sure these folks would have had coronaries if they’d been told about YouTube. This also gave rise to the bootleg industry. I even owned a few; The Bermuda Depths, The Fantastic Four (Roger Corman’s still non-released version), the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6, and The Star Wars Holiday Special to name a few.

I still have some of my VHS tapes, mostly films that, for some reason, haven’t received a DVD or Blu-Ray release. It’s odd to think there are some out there still not readily available, but there we are.

It was a simpler time back then, and great fun to scour shelves at video stores and resale shops looking for that rare title or two we really wanted to add to our collection. Having it all digitally at our fingertips just isn’t the same. Convenient, yes. But we’re missing out on the thrill of the hunt and the find now. I kind of miss that. My husband doesn’t, and that’s okay. I don’t have to remember that he doesn’t.


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  1. Eddie Lam says:

    I have to say you have an excellent memory. I have no idea how can you remember the details. Not just details, it is the moment that you remember every single details. Amazing. Unfotunately, like you said, selective memory. =) most of the time I have to yell in order for you to remember little brother tells you. LoL.

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