A Failure To Grasp Our Current Leadership

It’s not a good way to start each day feeling like you should be apologizing to the world for who’s now leading your country. I don’t like the man, personally or professionally, but I haven’t called him a name since he took office. And I’m going to try my best not to. It bothered me to no end when Obama took office to see the complete lack of respect from the opposing party. Then, two years into office, we heard Mitch McConnell utter this little gem: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” Now that leadership has flipped, the Democrats are being asked to be respectful.


I’m not entirely convinced they should be respectful, which is a horrible thing for me to say. Why am I saying it then? Because, like or dislike former President Obama, when it came time to campaign, did he ever refer to women in a flamingly derogatory way? Did he impersonate physically disabled reporters? Did he spout off complete and total fabrications, which were then fact-checked, and then continue to spout them off because he believed if he said them often enough, they’d become truth? That last one is possible.

The whole “we’re going to drain the swamp” bit was good for the news and talk shows, but has it happened? Thinking not, and I don’t understand this administration. How in the world did Betsy DeVos become Secretary of Education? She’s a billionaire who never studied education, never worked in education, never attended a public school, and her children never attended a public school. That’s well-rounded and qualified. And, yes, that’s just one example.

What’s gets me the most is this belligerent attitude of pounding into the press and public how we’re all supposed to act. And by act, I mean unwavering support of the President and his policies. If he says more people attended his inauguration than Obama’s, don’t show him evidence it wasn’t so, because he’ll say his intelligence was based on alternative facts. If there’s a poll that shows his numbers aren’t good, it’s fake. If he says something, or a word, and you report it, only it wasn’t what he meant, don’t mention it, because your report is now considered fake news.

Remember Bush? If you were against his war, you were labeled as un-American. It got to the point where we absolutely HAD to say “I support the troops, but not the war.”

Now, if you correct the current President after he says the murder rate in the US is at its highest rate in 45-47 years when it’s actually low? Who knows what he’s going to say about that. And who can forget his announcement that he actually won the popular vote if you discount the millions of votes from people who voted illegally? I can’t help but wonder if this elected official is simply making it up as he goes along. And if he is, is this how he ran his businesses? This is someone we want representing us to the rest of the world? And be in charge of nuclear weapons?

Doctors are going to love the next four years, because plenty of people are going to be seeking medical professionals for stomach ailments, and other nervous conditions.

I respect the office of the President. It’s a job I wouldn’t want to do, and am in no way capable or qualified to perform, but neither is Donald Trump. The alternative, on the chance Trump is ever impeached, is even scarier. Pence taking over as President? This is going to be a rough ride.


Kage Alan is the Savage Streets watching, T’Pau listening author of the novels “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation,” “Andy Stevenson Vs. the Lord of the Loins,” and “Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell,” plus short stories “Spacehunters: Master Elite and the Maternal Order of Loganites Beyond Uranus” featured in the “Butt Pirates In Space” anthology, “Twink Ninja Tiger, Flaxen Buns of Fury” featured in the “Butt Ninjas From Hell” anthology, “It’s A Wonderful Lube” featured in the “Butt Babes In Boyland” anthology, “Chinchilla Chimichangas” in the “Butt Riders On The Range” anthology, the novella, Falling Awake, and “Master Malevolence in: The Tail of the Fluffy Monkey” featured in the “Butt Villains on Vacation” anthology.

6 Responses to “A Failure To Grasp Our Current Leadership”

  1. Eddie Lam says:

    I have never been so concern about politics until this election. Every day I will turn on CNN and read about the drama that Donald Trump created. It is a mess and disaster. He does not serve American people, he is serving himself. He is like a spoil kid bragging when it doesn’t go to his way. I don’t blame him for that cause we all know he is a moron before the election. I blame the people who didn’t go out to vote or didn’t vote for Hilary. It is the realty show 45% American want and there you go.

    • Kage says:

      I get up ever morning and am absolutely nervous as hell when I go to CNN.com to see what he’s done now. And the latest yesterday about attacking a store for not carrying his daughter’s product line? That’s what a President should be worried about with everything else going on in the world?

  2. Patricia Hebel says:

    I have been fighting the good fight, politically , for years. I loathe that orange turd, and all his deluded supporters.

  3. Patricia Logan says:

    Let’s face it. The country elected a nutcase and now we have to live with him. Yes, I agree with everything you said. Let’s not forget how he called Rudy and asked how they could ban Muslims legally and how about him saying that America is filled with killers? WTF!!! He is a fool but his voters are the biggest of all. I watched some show last week, I think it was 60 Mimutes and they had 5 women who voted for him, singing his praises. I almost vomited. These people still support him. They are delusional. The Christian Right actually threw their support behind him after he was caught on tape saying hideous things about women. I couldn’t believe these sheep still voted for him. He’s a disaster.

    • Kage says:

      It shouldn’t be this way, but I catch myself from time to time feeling like I’m about to have a panic attack wondering what he’s done next. Nobody should have to feel that way. Nobody should have to worry about that. We’ve got four years of it. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to need Valium.

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