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I May Have Gone Off On A Cray-Cray Rant Here

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Do you ever wake up in the morning, stretch in bed, then start to wonder what the headlines will be when you finally make your tea and head off to a computer to check the news? Ever find yourself stopping and asking “How has the world gone cray-cray in the last seven hours”? I can’t be the only one. Fortunately, except for the current extended deepfreeze, Michigan has mellowed out and instead of headlines about marriage equality, we’re focusing on getting the bloody roads fixed! It’s kind of nice to have a change of topic. I’m still not thrilled my marriage isn’t recognized by the state, but that’s hopefully coming. Michigan isn’t an awful place to live. It’s not the best, but certainly not the worst. I could be living in Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Alabama. Now those places are cray-cray.

Celebrating 20 Years and 1 Day With Honorable Husband

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Well, we made it! Yesterday, Sunday, marked 20 years with Honorable Husband. I find this especially remarkable since my prior romantic interests never spent more than 20 minutes with me, let alone 20 years. I guess they just weren’t ‘the one’. HH used to ask me how he was supposed to know if I was ‘the one’. It’s probably safe to say we have our answer and I’m not sure words would do it justice. Time spent does. But I thought I’d share some things with you from the past two decades you may or may not have known.

This Simple Life Is All I Know

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Two things happened this week that revolve around the idea of living a simple life. The first was watching a Chinese film titled A Simple Life—obvious one there, isn’t it?—and the second was an online conversation I had with a friend. Okay, maybe three things because I also finally ordered a used copy of Robbie Nevil’s first CD. Of the many songs I really, really like on the album, Simple Life is one I go back to often. So, yes, three things.

The Sequel To A 1985 Film You’ll Never See

Monday, February 16th, 2015

I’m always surprised with the different reactions I receive to blog posts I write. I was sure the one last Thursday would generate a ton of conversation. It didn’t, but it received a generous number of hits. That must be the tradeoff. Some posts receive 20 comments and maybe 23 hits, and others 2 comments and a couple hundred hits. There’s no real way to predict it. In any case, last week’s was the deep thought, digging around, and having a bit of a rant sort of thing. I almost had a follow-up post for it today, only thought better of it. Instead, whilst I was rummaging around the basement on Saturday, I came across one of my tubes of rolled up film posters. Of course I sat down and looked through them all because that’s what I do. One in particular from 1985 brought back memories of a story I wanted to write the sequel to…and I was still only 14-years-old at the time the film came out.


Thursday, February 12th, 2015

I keep seeing stories in the news about Brian Williams being suspended for six months. And it is news. After all, the “Nightly News” anchor and managing editor mislead—a kinder word for lied—about being in a helicopter he said was hit by a grenade during his covering of the Iraq War. Williams was held accountable—after being found out. But this got me wondering. Why the hell aren’t other people, people in positions of power within the government, being held accountable?

The 600th Post You Made Me Write! (Plus a Word From Mom)

Monday, February 9th, 2015

I asked friends on Facebook last week after discovering today marks my 600th blog post what they might like me to tackle in honor of the occasion. I’m happy to blather on as I typically do, only I felt I should perhaps blather on about something or some things that folks might like me to. So, see? You’ve made me write this one, which means if it’s awful, it’s your fault. There was a question about my mom, so I thought I’d let her take a stab at answering it. Are you ready for the rest of the post? Then here we go.

Pretty In Panic: A 27 Year Old Prom Mystery Solved

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

“I have this girlfriend who didn’t go to hers, and every once in a while, she gets this really terrible feeling–you know, like something is missing. She checks her purse, and then she checks her keys. She counts her kids, she goes crazy, and then she realizes that nothing is missing. She decided it was side effects from skipping the prom.” (Iona, Pretty In Pink)

I may have watched Pretty In Pink a few too many times in high school, but that’s something I’m willing to own and live with. I’m still a fan of Molly Ringwald no matter how surly and chilly people say she is. The truth is I wanted to go to my high school prom, and I did. The evening was fun, my parents extended my curfew—which I didn’t need—and something odd happened when I dropped my date off in her driveway; she essentially said “good night” and bolted from the car. Cue an extremely confused look on my face. I had no idea what that was all about…until this past week. Yes, a mystery that presented itself back in 1988 has been solved.

This Is How Things Should Have Gone

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

I took in a cat several years back and had him for about two weeks before I realized it wasn’t meant to be. Fortunately, my co-worker had a cat who needed a friend, so we paired them up and they became inseparable. While he was with me, though, he would walk around, get very irritated, calm down, jump up in my lap, be affectionate for a minute or two, then remember he was irritated. He kept bouncing back and forth between the two extremes. I do the same thing where I’m living. This is the house where my husband grew up. We had it repainted, re-carpeted, and redecorated after his father passed. There are days I walk through feeling it’s home and there are days I become very emotional feeling it’s not. Some things in life just should have gone differently.