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Right Here Waiting For Accountability…the Richard Marx Way

Monday, September 29th, 2014

I’ve been making some new mix CDs to play when I’m driving around with dad and came across my Richard Marx albums while browsing through the library. Naturally, I started playing several songs while making my selections and it dawned on me that I really didn’t know what the man was up to these days. There was a faint memory of a story way the heck back from the MTV days about some comment Adam Curry made, then (if I’m remembering this correctly) said he didn’t, then was found out that he did. Whatever the case, that’s what came to mind, so I googled him (Richard Marx). Lo and behold was a story I missed from 2012 about a blogger being taken to task by the musician himself for something he (the blogger) had written in (what else?) a blog post.

The Unsophisticated Art of Unclenching

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Things got a bit heavy over the past week and a half. A little dark even. I haven’t had a night of sleep during that time that’s allowed me to wake up the next morning feeling remotely rested. It’s happened before, it’ll pass, and then it’ll happen again. That’s just how things go from time to time. It wasn’t until I was listening to the new Erasure album while taking dad for a drive yesterday that I felt my body unclench. I had no idea just how stressed I was until I suddenly relaxed. It was the weirdest damn feeling. So I thought I’d perhaps focus on a couple of stress relievers coming up and a couple of amusing things that have recently happened.

A Gay Teacher, A Pregnancy, A Morality Clause, & A Firing

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

A headline caught my attention a couple of weeks ago and like so many others in the GLBT community and even allies of the community, I rolled my eyes and thought “Oh, here we go again.” Another teacher was fired. She’s gay, married to a woman, and now pregnant. The school she was working nine years at is Catholic, and they offered her health insurance through the spring semester if she resigned. However, if she’d accepted their terms, she’d also have to remain silent about the details of the resignation—that bit raised an eyebrow with me right there. There’s been outrage since about the incident, about how a school could cut a pregnant woman loose like that, and rightly so. But having said “rightly so,” I honestly don’t see how this could have been unexpected, especially since the school had their employees sign a morality clause.

The Face of Gay 59 (Anonymous)

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

We’re almost sixty posts in and we’ve really yet to have the voice of youth speak to us. Someone approached me a couple of months ago and I was a bit hesitant because the only way we could see engaging someone younger was to do it interview style. This didn’t appeal to me since it then lacks the spontaneity of someone writing about their own thing. So, what I did instead is give a a huge number of topics and let her run wild with answering everything.

If you’ve ever wondered how a 14-year-old member of the LGBT community views things–the world and even just around herself–here’s your chance. Welcome to our 59th Face of Gay!

Just A Waitress (Cutting Someone Down To Size)

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Do you remember the episode of Friends where Ross and Rachael come up with a list of pros and cons about each other? Rachael can’t think of anything bad to say about Ross because, let’s face it, male ego is pretty fragile, but Ross does wind up writing “Just a waitress” in the cons about her. Naturally, Rachael sees it and while it’s played for comic effect, the character is pretty hurt by it. I used to think it was a slight overreaction. Insulting, but an overreaction. I’m not thinking so right now, not after a conversation I had this week.

Who Will My Last Dance Be With?

Monday, September 15th, 2014

I’ve noticed recently after watching/reading a number of interviews with other authors that I seem to be one of the few who believes in an afterlife involving more than ceasing to be. I don’t like the idea of ceasing to be. It bugs me. And I don’t want to suddenly cease to be while being bugged about it. You’d be surprised just how far being annoyed can carry you. I’d end up coalescing as someone else’s bad mood and that would just piss me right off. No, I prefer my idea of the afterlife. There are people no longer here who I want to see again, people I’ve never had the chance to meet who I’d like to sit down with, share a cup of tea, and spin a few tales with. I’d also like to keep writing after I leave this party. Yeah, death has been on my mind again lately.

Dragon*Con (When A Convention Starts To Get Too Big)

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

I remember when standing in line for thirty minutes for my badge was the worst thing about Dragon*Con (or DragonCon). And, really, that’s not much to complain about. I learned quickly, too, that if I wanted to catch a popular panel and didn’t want to stand outside that I should just hang around the door area and when everybody came in, I could hop on at the back and walk in. Sure, the seats were in the back, but they have video screens set up for us. It still all worked and I got to see everything I wanted to. That was ten years ago. These days? Well, the convention has grown and things have changed a bit.

The DragonCon 2014 Report

Monday, September 8th, 2014

The meaning of attending a convention has changed for me over time. It’s still exciting, just in a different way now. A friend suggested I accompany her to DragonCon in Atlanta some ten years ago. We arrived on a Thursday evening, stood in line for a thirty minutes to pick our badges up, then relaxed in our room for the rest of the night. We got up the next morning, met friends at the Hilton for breakfast, then went our separate ways for four days until the convention was over. During that time, we attended panels, ate bad food, sucked on breath mints before meeting celebrities, and avoided people who hadn’t showered in days. None of us wanted to come down with ‘con crud,’ but we usually did anyway. These days? Well, things have changed.

The Face of Gay 58 (Anonymous)

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Reparative therapy continues to be a hot topic in the news. I never went through it, but I know someone who did. I’ve been asking him for a while now if he’d talk about it in a Face of Gay post, which he finally agreed to do, but anonymously. There are a couple of ‘oh, no, he didn’t just say that’ moments in this post and I’m glad they’re there. He doesn’t say them for shock value. Instead, he says them because they’re true. Welcome to the latest Face of Gay.