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Mess With Friends of Dorothy, They’ll Make Your Pigs Commit Suicide

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Did you ever notice that it used to be we had to really, REALLY look to see anything GLBT-related in the news? Sure, there was the underground network of newspapers, newsletters and magazines, plus a few national magazines, but news about us was for the most part few and far between. Oh, sure, there were the nasty comments and sarcastic pieces that would crop up now and again, mostly written with little concept of who the community really was or what we (or ‘they’ before my time) stood for…or even what they struggled with when AIDS exploded. I’d even go so far as to say times were a little simpler then—no, not better, just simpler in terms of rhetoric. But reading the news nowadays? Have you seen some of the crap being said about us that defies logic? And by crap, did you read about how we’re possessed by ‘fart demons’?

In Honor of Patricia Logan in Satirical Form

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

There are rare people we meet in our lives who we know almost intuitively will change the course of history. There are even rarer people we meet in our lives who we know will be victims in their own. Then there are those really, really rare people we meet in our lives who we know will be OUR victims. You know my good friend, Patricia (Patti) Logan, right? Author? Crunchy red hair, loves saying the word c***k when doing a reading at book signings, loves box wine even more, and refers to me as a**hole? It’s okay she calls me that. Honestly, it’s fine. I’ve written and revised her obituary at least twelve times over the past two years. I find it soothing. Anyway, in honor of Patti’s recent birthday, I thought I’d do for her what I did for Mo-Mo last year and give some intimate insight into her life.

The State of Things: Face of Gay, Grandmonster, Etc.

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

When you can’t think of one single topic that will fill up an entire blog post, hit on several. Someone wise once said that, though they obviously weren’t very famous. Hell, that could have been me. So, why not give you the state of the nation address as it stands now in July? Except it’s not a nation. It’s my life. And it is in a state, so at least that part isn’t misleading. Let’s start with the most important bit first…

Things That Irk Me & How To Irk Those Who Do It

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Are you on the Do Not Call phone list? I am. I pride myself that I may have been the first one who signed up for it the moment it went live. Not that it did me much good. Oh, I still get phone calls from solicitors who either ignore the fact I’m on the Do Not Call list or don’t care, but who also haven’t heard of me. Yes, word gets around. I also receive a number of SPAM e-mails a day, plus there’s the crap that comes in through snail mail. Not to worry, though. My mother and I have been coming up with fantastic ways to get even with some of these bastards. Why? Because it’s fun and we could all use a bit of that in our daily life!

A Concert Night Out With Honorable Husband

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

My husband is not a fan of concerts. He just isn’t. They annoy him and he finds it difficult to resist making his feelings known to the point where it puts me in a bad mood, thereby allowing him to be in a good mood again knowing he’s spoiled mine. And, believe me, I’ve taken him to some wonderful shows. Perhaps I should alter my original statement and say that Honorable Husband isn’t a fan of concerts we have to pay for. The shows we’ve seen for free have left him borderline romantic, so I’m typically on the lookout for those because a romantic Honorable Husband is a rare Honorable Husband. They make him happy, which is when it’s safe for me to be happy. And we were soooooooo happy this past Monday seeing Naked Eyes, The Motels, Patty Smyth (of Scandal), the Go-Go’s play live! Now sit back and let me tell you about it.

What Is With the Hate Towards Mrs. Brown’s Boys?

Monday, July 14th, 2014

There’s a little show that exploded overseas a couple of years ago that quickly became one of my favorites. The critics despised it. No, even worse than despised it. They couldn’t hate it enough, as if hate was going out of style. And audiences? They loved it and made it a hit show. A movie version of the series was released late last month and despite a critical lambasting, it went to #1 in the box office. The funny thing is that everybody knew the critics were going to hate it, so the studio didn’t bother screening it for them. You know what the critics did? They had the audacity to bitch. The show, if you haven’t already guessed, is Mrs. Brown’s Boys, and I honestly can’t figure out what all the hate is about it.

Kage & Little Brother’s Bogusly Excellent Adventure (Part Dos)

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

As last we left our annoyed hero waiting for Little Brother, I…er…I mean ‘he’ had gone back to the hotel to sleep for a couple of hours before being unceremoniously summoned to go find the tiny critter. Yes, Little Brother doesn’t have the best sense of direction. “What do you mean go to the boardwalk? Where’s that? By the water? Where’s the water? I want your Delta miles.” I was tempted to let him wander, but realized I wanted to eat with little or no guilt. And I mean ‘he’ as in our hero. Well, me. Him. Oh, whatever. Or is it whoever? Whomever? Let’s just get on with Part Dos, shall we?

Kage & Little Brother’s Bogusly Excellent Adventure (Part Uno)

Monday, July 7th, 2014

It was a dark and stormy June night. I remember it well because the birds weren’t chirping like they usually did in the soft afternoon sun. Okay, it may have been afternoon instead of evening and it really hadn’t been storming. We’d had storms, just not that day. Honorable Husband’s Grandmonster was in town and I was going slightly mental going back forth between spending time with her and time with my father. There are no days off for good behavior when you have a half Asian husband with a Hong Kong Grandmonster. And then it happened. The phone rang and when I picked it up, I heard the ominous, demanding voice on the other end.

“Give me your Delta miles!” Little Brother growled. “We need a vacation.”

I Wouldn’t Want To Be A Kid Today

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

You almost got a blog post about how the music of Tangerine Dream is a writer’s best friend, which ranks right up there with another post I still haven’t written about my tea cup collection. They’ll happen one day. Mark my words. Instead, mom and I were having a rather animated conversation about the current generation versus hers and my own. I remember mine being—I suspect like my parents—one searching for self-identity, only we did it with 80s hair. The world didn’t owe us and that wasn’t a lesson that seemed difficult for us to swallow. Something changed between then and now, though. And something went very wrong.