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Discovering You’re Doing It All Wrong

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Mom and I have been reading some books on Alzheimer’s and realizing these would have been helpful long before now. Oh, yes. I love reading up on suggestions from people who’ve already gone through this with loved ones only to discover we’re doing almost all of it wrong. How so? Because, as the book rightly explains, we are constantly attempting to draw my father back into our world, the world he’s left and can no longer function in the way he used to. We must therefore enter his world. Sound easy? It’s NOT. Oh, hell to the no it’s not!

The Face of Gay 15 (Kharisma Rhayne)

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Everybody has had their fill with talk about the upcoming election, myself included. Yet, it’s why I started The Face of Gay blog series back in June. I feared the future. I feared what would happen if people didn’t sit up, take notice, and realize that every member of the GLBT community is just like everyone else and just as deserving of the same rights as everyone else. If the country votes one way, then the community stands to lose its right to marry those who we love. I stand to lose my marriage. We stand to lose more than that, too.

There are consequences if we lose this fight. We need only look at our own history to see the warning signs. I have one of those warning signs today. Welcome to today’s Face of Gay.

What 5 Horror Movies Scare An Author…Specifically Me?

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

The more I read last Monday’s post, the more I realized I was concentrating on recent Blu-Ray releases (minus the bits about Elvira, but, really, how can you talk about Halloween and NOT mention Elvira?) instead on films in my collection that have given me a solid ol’ scare through the years. Not that The Funhouse didn’t scare me. It did. It’s still a little uncomfortable for me to watch. But, you know, that was Monday. Get ready for a few flicks that left this author…well, wishing he’d watched them with a few more people around. I’m no wuss, but I’m not that intelligent sometimes either.

A Few 2013 Halloween Film Musings From Yours Wickedly

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

My husband enjoys reminiscing about the time he almost threw out my entire Fangoria Magazine collection. He’s lucky he didn’t. Damn lucky. He may have wanted to get even with me for leaving them in the bathroom for him to find when he’s looking for something to read. Why? Because the curiosity drives him insane to the point where he HAS to look at the pictures before getting freaked out. Whatever the case, horror films are one of my favorite vices, like a Coney Island hot dog, and I have my father to thank for both. From fun to funny to awful to horrific, to scary to ridiculous, I’ve seen them all and thought I’d share a few of them with you today, especially since this year has seen the release of some rare ones on Blu-Ray from back in the day. A day. My day. The eighties decade.

The Face of Gay 14 (David)

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

It’s crossed my mind recently how I would have felt growing up if I’d found out a teacher whose class I was in was gay. Would I have felt a little more at ease? Would I have felt a little better about myself? Positive visibility might have been and still be a helpful thing. It gives those of us in the GLBT community something to aspire to, to know that we can grow up without fear, find happiness, and pursue any professional vocation that suits us–minus a career in the Boy Scouts of course. And despite the somewhat colorful negative adjectives used to describe many of us these days, I’m proud to say that we’re just as emotional, vulnerable, hopeful and sometimes as screwed up as any heterosexual.

We are the same. And here’s David with my proof.

External Entropy of Entitlement Exemplified

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

It’s no secret that the city of Detroit has issues, right? I mean, you almost don’t have to live here to know that, especially with the crime rate. The depression didn’t help and has only been compounded by a mayor and city council interested only in maintaining their power and authority over the good of those who live in the city. Want proof? Look at their continued actions. In any case, all of this has led to a hemorrhage of residents leaving the city. And accompanying some of these people out is a criminal element. Believe me, we’re finding out. The flat where I reside has had an influx of new folks from downtown. Some of them have turned out to be incredible neighbors! And some of the rest? They’re the reason why a ten year streak of having no problems ended last Thursday when someone tried to break in to our flat.

The Beautiful Lie (Or How To Get A White Guy To Shut Up)

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Ever wonder how we’d live our lives if we knew from very early on everything we know now? Admit it. We’ve all thought about it. “I’d have gone to see this…I’ve have gone to do that…I’d have spent more time with this person…I’d have slept with all these people before they got old and ugly…I’d have played more and harder when I was physically able to…” and, of course, “I’d have taken greater advantage of my youth.” So much of what we’re lead to believe when we’re young doesn’t quite turn out the way we thought it would later; study, graduate, go to college, get married, work hard, raise a family and retire in luxury to enjoy our golden years. It’s a lie. It’s a beautiful lie, but a lie nonetheless. At least for the overwhelming majority of us.

The Face of Gay 13 (amy with a lower case /a/)

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

I get the feeling that any of the three ways I started this intro might embarrass amy. Why? Because, in a nutshell–don’t ask which nut, she’s good people. There are some folks who you meet in life and just intuitively know that there’s something special about them. They often can’t see it themselves, but you can. I saw that in amy almost 20 years ago and as with so much in life, I was right! Well, many things. A few things. I was right in this instance, okay?

Now, I could tell you a number of stories about amy…but I won’t. She utilizes the same security service as Dorien Grey and I don’t want my legs broken. Suffice to say that if you ever want to hear about the old days back at university, buy me a Pepsi or some sushi and green tea and we’ll talk. In the meantime, here’s amy and her Face of Gay.

Lend Me Your Rears…er…Ears For A Tiny Little Rant & Challenge!

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Were I single, I’d be standing on a chair and asking you all to “Lend me your rear!” Well, if you were cute and I was remotely interested. I’m not, however, single that is, so perhaps you’d lend me your ear. Ever have one of those months where you suddenly stop and say “Enough!” I’m kinda there at the moment. And wouldn’t you know it, it involves one of my favorite subjects (cue sarcasm alert); politics. Well, that and religion. The two seem to go hand in hand these days, don’t they? For a country that’s supposed to be based on a separation between church and state, there seems to be a tremendous amount of grandstanding to the contrary. I’m undoubtedly preaching to the choir with some of this, but there have been a few things that have gotten my deliciously shapely designer underwear in an unseemly bunch.

A Kage Alan Mystery: Would You Like A Kumquat With Your Asian Erotica?

Monday, October 8th, 2012

I had a rather intriguing conversation last week with someone who contacted me and asked if I wrote intimate scenes in my books. Provided I did, he wanted to know–since I’m in a relationship that could be described as multicultural–how I described those scenes and if they also happened to be multicultural. That’s quite a mouthful and I’m not even referring to any of the real life scenarios those alleged intimate scenes might be based on. He told me he was ethnically Chinese and fairly turned off by most of the stories he’s found online or took a chance on in print. I asked him why. Because whether the stories he read were gay or straight, they were written in such a way that called complete and ridiculous attention to the character’s ethnicity and not the act of intimacy. I know not about such things. I’m one half of an old married couple who doesn’t believe in reading or writing about the pleasures of the flesh–bullshit alert!–so I came out of retirement and decided to investigate.