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The Face of Gay 6 (Sue Brown)

Saturday, August 25th, 2012


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Actually, I have no idea what I was going to say, so let’s pretend it’s my first time. Even my husband pretends that line works when I use it on him. Moving right along, readers have been very kind regarding my pleas for submitting an entry for the Face of Gay series. I think the more of these that get posted, the less hesitant folks have become in speaking their mind and sharing a part of themselves. Three of the six entries so far have been written by people I know and have met. The other three have not. Today’s entry is from someone I’ve never met, never spoken with on the phone or shopped for Blu-Rays with. Regardless, Sue Brown is a well-known name in the GLBT literary world. It surprised me in a good way when she e-mailed and asked to submit something. I jumped at the chance.

Three final things before we get to this latest entry. First, Sue will be unable to respond to any comments left until much later tonight or tomorrow. Second, please actually leave a comment for her. Third (and you know this is coming), please consider submitting a Face of Gay about yourself to share. Each one we’ve had has been unique, well-received and important to have been read. I continue to be grateful to the six people who’ve submitted and to all of you for reading them. Thank you!

The Face of Gay 5 (Patricia Logan)

Saturday, August 18th, 2012


Authorette Patricia Logan and I have a couple things in common; we know how to entertain people and we enjoy it. We also share a mutual respect for each other, only the trick is we never show it in public. Folks prefer to grab a bag of popcorn and watch the banter fly when we get started. The truth is we have as much fun slinging mud as the folks do reading it. We’ve done a book signing together, I’ve seen her turn red talking about tallywackers and it amuses me to no end that she thinks she knows how one works. All that aside, it usually takes readers by surprise when they discover something pretty intense and personal about a personality like Patti’s, which is larger than a bag of popcorn. She wasn’t always an author. She didn’t always wear 36″ stiletto healed boots. And she once actually held a tallywacker in her hand. Possibly twice.

As always, please leave today’s guest blogger a little love at the bottom and if you’d like to share a story of your own, let me know. =)

The Face of Gay 4 (Tom)

Saturday, August 11th, 2012


For those of you who know Tom, he needs no introduction. For those of you who don’t…well, then I guess he kinda does, doesn’t he? I was introduced to this kindhearted gentleman on Facebook. He’s a reviewer, an author and quickly became a favorite to follow and team up with whenever authorette Patricia Logan found the nerve to try and type something in the English language, then actually post it. Not only does he have a wicked sense of humor online, but he’s just as much fun in person.

Tom attended OutlantaCon earlier this year and it was my pleasure and honor to meet him during that weekend. But if he has a weakness, it’s that he doesn’t give himself nearly enough credit. Why do I say that? Because Tom believes his face doesn’t stand out in a crowd. I defy anybody to read what he wrote below and say he doesn’t stand out. Once you meet him and once you see the depth of his soul, you’ll find a great many people start to pale in comparison around him in a crowd.

As always, if you like what you read, please leave a little love in the comments. Also, if you have a story of your own you’d like to share, let me know. In the meantime, here we go…

The Face of Gay 3 (James Taylor Jr.)

Saturday, August 4th, 2012


Being an internationally known author—South America counts, right?—I have the opportunity to meet and become friends with some absolutely wonderful people. It doesn’t always mean they like me back, but because of my fame, they’re at least polite about it. That might have been a little bit of fluff there, or as my friend who you’re going to read about shortly would call it, bullshit.

I met James Taylor Jr. several years ago at a book signing I did in Ann Arbor and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. Not only did he have a successful LGBT-related radio show at Eastern Michigan University, but he was recently named Best Live Singer by Flame Magazine for the Best of Detroit 2012. It’s been my honor to get to know him—and his fabulous mother—only I never knew much about his upbringing until he sent me this for the Face of Gay blog series.

Before turning this over to James, if after reading this you’d like to tell your own story or a story about a family member who’s part of the LGBT community, please contact me. Submissions can even be posted anonymously if you’d prefer.