People of Interest Episode 2: James Taylor Jr.

Amidst the first half of the “Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell” book tour these past couple of months, I’ve had the distinct (questionable) pleasure of hanging with some youthful (nefarious) underlings.  One who comes immediately to mind for reasons I can’t fathom (desperation) is James Taylor Jr., who I’ve actually known much longer than six months.  Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I’m unable to discuss the nature of the friendship due to doctor/patient privileges.  That being said…

Welcome to:

People of Interest: Episode 2

Subject: James Taylor Jr.
Occupation: College Student, Singer, Songwriter Otter
Age: One of those young-mid-ish 20 somethings

James Taylor Jr. isn’t just another pretty face.  Unlike Justin Bieber, James actually does grow facial hair.  He just chooses not to shave it, kind of like Josh Groban, only James actually will sing Journey covers.  I guess that means James has kind of a shaggy face, but a well-meaning shaggy face.  I honestly don’t know what he has against shaving, but enough about his face.  It’s time to let James talk about his passion..besides reading my books.

Kage: You like… you know… sing and stuff. Why?

James: I’m good at it. It’s in my very being to sing. My great grandfather was a violinist and both my parents have been singers. And no, I’m not related to THAT James Taylor.

It’s part of who I am. It’s my greatest passion, and I am sharing a part of myself with the world (or whoever will listen).

Kage: You have a CD out, your own radio show, you’re working on another CD, and you’re a regular contributor to XTube. So, um, you’re popular?

James: I wouldn’t say I’m popular. “Unknown” hasn’t done quite so well, but those who’ve heard it receive it quite well (which I am very proud of for a first effort with self-producing). My radio show is another thing I’m passionate about: it’s music, and it’s bringing awareness AND fun to the LGBTQQIA community. I know, that’s a lot of letters, but we all deserve recognition (at the very least). The next CD is going to be more of collaborative effort as far as production goes. It’s gonna be a little different than “Unknown,” but I’m just bringing a different interpretation to the same ideas and types of lyrics that people love in my music (or at least tell me that they love).

And I thought I told you not to mention the Xtube thing… Sheesh.

Kage: Propaganda describes you as the Gay Richard Marx of the 2010s. Why? And how would Richard feel if he saw that?

James: If by propaganda, you mean my bio… and you… then yes, I have been referenced as the Gay Richard Marx of the 2010s. I think it has to do with the subtleties of my voice and the rawness of my lyrics. Also, Marx has a lot of great ballads, and I love performing ballads. As far as what Richard would think, I hope he’d be flattered that his work is still relevant. I also hope that he’d like my work being compared with his. Someone should ask him.

Kage: Your mother is just the coolest! How do you live up to the bar she’s set?

James:  mother IS the coolest! I also have a really amazing father. Both of my parents have been nothing but the best, my entire life, and I am eternally grateful for them.

As far as living up to the bar set by my mother, or anyone, it’s impossible. I have to set my own bar, and it’s a lifelong process. We can’t expect to live up to other’s expectations, especially if we don’t meet our own. I set my own goals and aspirations, and sometimes they change from day to day. I set my own bar and work and hope to exceed all expectations, including my own.

Like they say in the 1977 film "A Matter of Time" with Liza Minelli, “The world worships the original.”

Kage: Finally, why do people on restroom walls refer to you as the male Lisa Lampanelli?

James: Hopefully because I’m funny!

I quite enjoy the occasional crudeness of Ms. Lampanelli, but I have a feeling that it’s more for my (presumed) affinity toward black men. Not that I prefer black men, but I certainly make it seem like I do with my own crude humor on occasions. And of course, my partner, Rodney, is black. So, it makes the humor that much more “realistic” or at the very least representational.

Wait, what restroom walls are saying this?

James Taylor Jr. can be found at the following cyber locations:

Kage Alan (moi), the interviewer (again, moi), is the non-award winning, internationally unknown author (me, thrice) of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation,” “Andy Stevenson Vs. the Lord of the Loins” and “Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell.”

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  1. Kage's Chief of Security says:

    Nice, that was great! I just love it when the 2 of you get together.

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